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Siss - Silk Lashes

Silk Lashes

Not Your Little Sisters Lashes



Our Silk Lashes are the most modern false eyelashes, these vivid false eyelashes will make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more attractive, and you will look more beautiful and stunning. Very durable and with perfect performance. The most fashionable style false eyelashes, full but natural appearance, excellent length, and width. Brighten your beauty more wearing the silk lashes.


These false eyelashes are made of high-quality silk fiber that will last longer and give you a more beautiful appearance. And using our false eyelashes will make your eyes look more natural and durable than other synthetic eyelashes. Our false eyelashes are as soft and comfortable as your natural lashes.


Whether it is thick makeup or nude makeup, our false eyelashes can give you the most natural look that makes you look beautiful. Ideal for many occasions to show your charm, for dates, on stage, or every day.


This one pair of silk false eyelashes will not cause any irritation to the eyes, nor will it damage your natural lashes. don't enjoy pain, allergy liner, and lashes every day.  We hope that these bring you more beauty.


  • Item Type: Eyelash
  • Type: Silk Lash

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