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$ 1.20

Gold- Multiple Flower-like Eyelash Plastic Trays



This Multiple flowerlike eyelash plastic tray is a very lightweight cute box, very durable, safe to use, and easy to carry. A multiple pack eyelash plastic holder that holds 7 Pairs of voluminous eyelashes.  It is advantageous for you to storage your beautiful false eyelashes and keeps them clean and easy to make up. Eyelash Box is protected false lashes from getting broken or damaged. This flowerlike tray is perfect for bundles.


Our Multiple Flower-like Eyelash Case is made of plastic material and the gold glitter color card is made of paper material. It is suitable for professional beauty salons and daily use with durable to last for a long time.


This empty eyelash case adopts the transparent design. It is a pretty gift for women and girls who often make up. You can put it in your purse or cosmetic bag when you're traveling, shopping, dating, etc.


  • Item Types: Eyelash Cases
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Background Color: Gold

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Price per ONE tray and ONE eyelash case.