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Cherry Blossom Pink Eyelash Case Box

Glitter eyelash cases
with eyelash trays 
No background colored inserts needed
**Holds 30mm lashes 

 No Refunds or Returns.  

Pink Glitter Eyelash Case Box  nice to be applied to store your false eyelashes, the lash tray is well designed to fit the eyelash shape, can hold eyelashes securely and keep them clean, protecting false eyelashes from getting crushed or damaged, a nice organizer tool for women and girls to use in daily life

Glitter Eyelash Case Box, beautiful design and made in high-quality material. Cute False Eyelash case protects your false eyelash, you can use it as a storage box or a travel case. The lash container allows you to apply your lashes anywhere and even use it for makeup when traveling. Lightweight cut box, perfect size for your purchase, or for use on a makeup table.

  • It is very convenient to carry so that at any time to ensure the best state.
  • Lightweight cute box, great size for putting into the handbag.
  • Portable, and eye-catching. 


  • Type: Eyelash Boxes
  • Materials: Glitter Paper
  • Pattern: Square