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Mirror Me - Affordable Glitter Eyelash Case Box

Glitter eyelash cases
Ships with eyelash trays 
No background colored inserts needed
**Holds 30mm lashes 

 No Refunds or Returns. 



This Affordable Eyelash Case Box is designed with linear color glitter pattern that makes it very amazing and eye-catching to look. And the lid is designed with a clear surface with a linear color glitter border. With the clear design lid, you can see the inside eyelash and find what you want.


The Glitter Eyelash Case is made with high-quality plastic, non-toxic, sturdy, lightweight, and durable. Lady's fashion Eco-friendly eyelash box, easy to open or close. Eyelashes Case is portable, compact size, can easily be put into your handbag or purse while going out.


The glitter beautiful background paper, amazing and nice to look. This Plastic Sliding Eyelash Case is the must-have case for girls who use false eyelash for makeup when traveling or daily using.


  • It is made of plastic, durable and non-toxic material.
  • Protects from breaking or damage. 
  • Luxurious look and a high-quality eyelash case.


  • Item Type: Eyelash Case
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Background: Glitter Paper
  • Color: Mixed

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