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Blueberry Affordable Glitter Eyelash Case Box

Glitter eyelash cases
Ships with eyelash trays 
No background colored inserts needed
**Holds 30mm lashes 

 No Refunds or Returns.  



This Glitter Eyelash Case is designed with blueberry glitter paper, so any background color doesn't need to be inserted. It protects false eyelashes from being crushed or damaged; The case holds the lashes securely and keeps them looking great. Protect for storing your false eyelashes and keep them organized with our eyelash storage case.


The Affordable Glitter Eyelash Case features a lid designed with a clear round circle which helps to see the inside eyelashes quickly and find them easily what you want. The beautiful glitter designs make it perfect for any occasion, fine workmanship, more attractive to young women.


This Glitter Eyelash Case Box is perfect to hold 30mm lashesCompact size to keep it in your purse, cosmetic bag while going out, or to use on a makeup table. Ideal for traveling. Keep a set in the office or apply it after the gym; A must for anyone using false eyelashes.


  • Item Type: Eyelash Box
  • Type: Glitter Eyelash Case

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