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Jazmine 2D Mink Lashes

2D Mink Lashes

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Each of our luxury 2D Jazmine mink eyelashes is professionally handcrafted, we pay attention to eye detail, making eyelash curl and curl be natural. The 2D eyelashes add a seductive touch to your lashes to enhance your natural beauty. These lashes blend perfectly with your natural lashes to increase length and volume for a truly wonderful look so you can be unstoppable, our goal is to enhance the best qualities in you.


While most false lashes allow you to reuse them up to 10 times, we believe in offering our customers products that exceed their expectations. Each of our Jazmine 2D mink eyelashes is made for long-lasting use and can be reused up to 30 times without losing any of its charming appeals. When you want to reuse it, simply apply a little glue to the base and the arm is ready to use. Trim eyelashes as needed to suit your eye shape and preferences.


We have studied every detail of human eyelashes and developed 2D mink eyelashes to give you the appearance of wearing eyelash extensions. It is the ease and comfort of eyelashes and most importantly protecting your natural lashes. Our mink lashes add irresistible appeal.


  • Item Type: Eyelash
  • Volume: 2D
  • Material: Cotton Yarn

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