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13729095_566723563510441_5301021628944187057_nThe Eyes Are The Window Of The Soul! They frame the face and make your eyes pop! There is nothing sexier than a woman that uses her eyes to communicate. The eyes can communicate love, laughter and sorrow. Invest in your eyes and accessorize the way women did in years gone by. ZivaLash has developed a line of lashes that are full, lush and inspired by celebrity mink lashes.   Here are 5 Facts that will make you an instant fan of eyelashes.... You can instantly change your look! When you want to look glamorous for that Girl's Night Out or that Hot New Guy! Keep your look natural and pretty with a pair of ZivaLashes and skip the mascara! Prep your eye lids with primer and a subtle swipe of shadow and you are ready for the night! Lashes are perfect for that finished look that every Bride, Bridesmaid and Mother of the Bride! ZivaLashes are the go to lash for weddings....you look amazing without having to worry about your mascara running or fading for that special day! You can be emotional and dance the night away without a care! They come in a VARIETY of materials and styles! Don't settle for off-brand! Lashes come in human hair, synthetic and mink. But these are your eyes that you are showcasing  GO FOR THE BEST! That sought-after Celebrity look! Instagram Photos! Do I need to say more? Get that I woke up like this look and be your own Kardashian! You can do it with this little gem right here! See! I love all of my divas and this is for you! A SALE yes I said it....you can get full luxurious lashes and rock it like a celebrity! They are AFFORDABLE! Stay in your price point but treat yourself! Madame ZivaLash is hosting a Pre-Launch Promotional offer of 25% off that will make you feel like a celebrity and keep you on your price point! 13707672_568806676635463_8265644365647712786_n   Become a fan.....stay tuned for tips, videos and promotional offers. I am ordering mine tonight! https://www.facebook.com/ZivaLash/

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