Summer Shine Killers

The heat has been beating down on our heads all month and as much as I love summer it is wrecking my make up routine. Getting dressed in the morning has become a race to see how fast I can get my make up on before it goes sliding down my face and that is with the a.c. on full blast. I had to come up with a way to keep the make up on my face. I started using Smashbox Camera Ready BB primer to even my skin tone and NYX Shine Killer to combat the oil slick after applying the basics, eyebrows, nude eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick I apply Matte Finish setting spray also from NYX.  This trio holds my make up in place all day and a late afternoon touch up is all I need to look professional and pretty. Best of all these products are affordable and can be found at your favorite Ulta or Sephora. I hope this helps someone out there with similar summer make up blues. [caption id="attachment_321" align="alignnone" width="300"]Summer shine fighters! Summer shine fighters![/caption]

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