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Spring Make Up....Those Eyes

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images-1Spring make up looks should be Fresh and Flirty! Keep your look natural and low maintenance but don't skimp on the glamour. Weddings, Girl's Nights and Happy Hours are all occasions that call for extra glamour. ZivaLash has set the bar high with a line of luxury lashes for every occasion and won't put a major dent in your budget.  I am all about a low maintenance beauty regime and my lash choice for Spring is the Gigi lash. The Gigi gives the eyes life...that oomph that makes every woman feel special as she walks out the door!  Yasssss hunty! Work those eyes and give the world SASS! Eyelashes have long been considered an indicator of beauty, so it is no surprise that ZivaLash has a style that is perfect for every occasion.    Summer is around the corner and everyone is ready to shake the winter blues and prep for warm weather vacations. Although we are taking a break from our hectic lives, we still want to look amazing on a tropical beach or rustic outdoor trip. Lash extenkejalashes_1024x1024.pngsions can be a must-have accessory for vacations, since they require minimal maintenance, and allow you to go virtually “make-up free. Along with the Gigi Lash I am a big fan of the Keija Lash. Soft and sweet, the Keja Lash enhances your natural lashes with silky gathered lash clusters that add length and volume. Visit www.zivalash.com to choose your Lash look! Free shipping, a blog and how-to videos make the ZivaLash experience a vital part of your journey to your best self. 
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