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Want your Instagram photos to pop! Be adventurous with your look. It is fun and easy to try new products. I love the way mink lashes look if applied properly. The key is to apply them properly no one wants to look like a cartoon character or the newest Internet meme! A Natural lash look can enhance your natural beauty. The ZivaLash collection features lush mink lashes that are light as a feather and easy to apply. Shave time off your beauty routine and a glamour to your look by following these easy steps.


  • Start with clean hands
  • The best time to apply mink lashes is following full makeup application, which will avoid eye shadow particles on the lash
  • Trim the lash to frame your lids
  • Apply DUO eyelash adhesive to the outer seam of the eyelash strip.  Allow the glue to dry for a minute before applying .  Do  not overdo it...a little goes a long way
  • Place the lash along your natural lash line
  • To remove mink lashes gently pinch on the end if they don't loosen easily use a drop of makeup remover 


  • Don't be cheap with eyelash adhesive. There are horror stories on the 'Net of people using hair bonding glue to apply strip lashes
  • If you use the wrong adhesive you run the risk of losing your own lashes and eye damage
  • Wear your eyelashes overnight, you risk messing up the shape. 
  • Use an eyelash adhesive that is only for eyelashes

 Lashes are just as diverse as any other fashion, makeup or hair accessory. The ZivaLash Collection has an option that is perfect for practically every personality, style and occasion so don’t be afraid to try something new! Feeling a little extra flirty? Choose a longer lash. Want to be bold and dramatic, choose one with feathers! Lashes are the perfect way to express yourself and can be a creative conversation starter. Be sure to choose the right look for the right occasion, bat your lashes and get ready to be the beauty of the beholder.

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