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Life Musings...Journal Your Way Through Spring!

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5161ir3vb9L._AC_US218_Spring is a time of rebirth! Flowers are blooming, the weather is cooperating and we have shed the heavy layers. Spring is a time to celebrate yourself! Beauty trends and the latest fashions are amazing ways to express your self but at its core beauty starts within. Take the time to preserve your inner light. I take the time to celebrate my thoughts and the things that make me happy through travel, photography and writing. Cultivate your inner beauty along with your physical representation and you will shine this season. When you smile and laugh your inner peace resonates and everyone around you reaps the benefits. I have kept a journal or diary since I was a young girl, capturing my thought and feelings while documenting people and places that brought me joy. Many of my blog posts start out in longhand and transfer to my site once I have settled in for the night. Journaling is relaxing and allows me to relieve stress. So in honor of the Spring/Summer season I indulged in new journals for work and me time! My favorite Moleskine journals now come in bright vibrant colors like teal, red and fuschia, colors that are guaranteed to bring out the writer in you. Moleskine journals have a long, distinguished history. 41q4yofsxvL._AC_US218_The Moleskine notebook is, in fact, the heir and successor to the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries: among them Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin. In the mid-1980s, these notebooks became scarce, and soon vanished entirely. In 1997, a small Milanese publisher brought the legendary notebook back to life, and selected this name with a literary pedigree to revive an extraordinary tradition. Following in Chatwin's footsteps, Moleskine notebooks have resumed their travels, providing an indispensable counterpart to the new and portable technology of today. Capturing reality in movement, glimpsing and recording details, inscribing the unique nature of experience on paper: the Moleskine notebook becomes a battery that stores ideas and feelings, 51WyzpF2MfL._AC_UL160_SR160,160_A chance trip to a Crate and Barrel store gave me a new favorite and I balance my love for journals between the two styles. The French-inspired Mon Carnet de Poche has become a favorite in my day bag along with my Moleskine. I am an inpatient shopper and very grateful that Amazon carries both styles and I can get them overnight or close to it through my Prime account. I like to use one for my fashion and blog notes and the other for tedious meetings. I mean really...who wants to sit in a meeting and not make a must-have now list! 41VijXHebJL._AC_US218_Last but not least is my One Line a Day memory book. My memories cannot be contained in one line so I try to document the one thing or significant memory that has affected me emotionally. Good or bad and with little censorship. I celebrate life's challenges through these memories. You never know how far you've come unless you acknowledge the good times and bad. So, I hope you can find joy and peace in the reflection of life. Happy Journaling! 51LJ0dU7uXL._AC_US218_51A+8PBcmxL._AC_US218_51W7DWN7jnL._AC_US218_

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