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Finding Your Signature Style

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o-applying-perfume-facebook Adulting is…Developing your Signature Style! Every woman needs to know what her IT factor is…that thing about her that garners compliments from everyone from the stranger in the elevator to the guy you have your eye on. It could be shiny hair, that budget-busting lipstick or that mesmerizing scent that drives the masses wild. images-2A woman with a signature style exudes confidence. She knows exactly who she is and has embraced her inner goddess with efficiency and style. Do you know what that thing is about you? Women today are driven by style influences. We change our hair, make up and wardrobes that reflect the trends of the day. A woman with a signature scent oozes confidence. Your signature scent becomes a part of your identity and for most of us it doesn’t change. How do you choose that scent? The first step is to know what image you want to convey. How do you do that? Know your tastes. Are you drawn to natural scents? Vanilla, jasmine or musk based scents? When you know your favorite top note it is easier to experiment with scent. A few tips to help you in your sensory journey…… Find a scent that gives you confidence and makes you feel good. images-1Your signature scent is your way of expressing yourself in a non-visual manner. Make finding a scent a part of your personal life journey. Experiment with different scents…ask your friends what they are wearing if you find it appealing. Preferences change over time and through the seasons and your scent should change as you move through life. A scent that you love in your twenties can become nauseating in your thirties or forties. Don’t worry….it was a moment in time. A time you can leave in your past. Summer scents that are perfect with your favorite tank tops, shorts and maxi dresses may not be enough to compete with autumn changes. And if you can Subscription boxes take all the hard work out of finding a signature scent. A Google search led me to a list of that will guide you and allow you to experiment for a monthly fee. Subscription services have exploded in the last few years and provide everything from clothing, wine, food, beauty and hair products. Try a few scents and gift the rejects to your girlfriends! There are different options in the subscription box world here are a few that have had great success. imgres-1What it is: Scentbird Who it's for: The curious woman who wants a fabulous scent for different occasions. What do you do? Take a scent quiz and choose from a selection. How much> $14.95 am month   What it is: Pinrose Who it's for: The artistic woman How it works: The Scent Profiler quiz uses synesthesia and asks questions about your perfume experience level, style, favorite colors and music to determine your three best bets from the brand's line of 10 perfumes. You can order single-use scent wipes called Petal Packs, or a full-size vial. The cost: $7 for a sample starter kit that includes a single-use satchet of each perfume; $20 for a Petal Pack of 25; $50 for 1 oz. What it is: Olfactif Who it's for: The woman that sets the trends How it works: At the beginning of each month, Olfactif sends you a curated collection of three niche fragrance samples (each one large enough to last for a month) along with an $18 credit toward a full-size fragrance of your choice. For the rest of the month, the site is updated with interviews with the perfumers and interesting backstories on the hard-to-find scents. The cost: $18.00 per month with options   images-1What it is: Commodity Who it's for: The minimalist that believe less is more. How it works: Try a range of specialty fragrances through their Fitting Kit The cost: $9 for a Fitting Kit, $108 for 100 ml bottle Don’t limit yourself! Try the florals, the musks and all the others. Find the scent that lift your mood and makes you feel put together and ready to take on the world. Hint: My signature scent is Coco Mademoiselle and I have a secret smile for every compliment!
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