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More Spring Musings...Spring Beauty Prep...Part 2

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imgres-1I am ready to shed heavy winter make up. My last post was all about prepping the skin and finding your perfect lash look. The next step is to find new fresh products to add to my beauty routine.  I love indie brands so I look to them for Spring ideas that will compliment my natural style and take 5 minutes or less to apply in the morning. My go-to beauty products have to fit my lifestyle and let my skin breathe. If they fit into a cute clutch and are multi-functional I am a happy girl! I think I have found my new beauty savior in @Milk I received a sample Milk's Sunshine Skin Tint and was instantly hooked. The preservative-free tinted moisturizer went on smooth and gave me even coverage. It dried to a dewy finish without looking oily or feeling heavy. milk-makeup-sunshine-skin-tintMy next step was to check out the website and peruse the other products. The Milk website is FUN! Lots of videos that show you exactly how to use the products. The Looks section and the Us section explain the brand's philosophy and makes you feel like you are a part of a social movement. Love love love that!   milk-makeup-00Milk Make Up's creators believe that it's not just about how you create your look; it's what you do in it that matters. Live Your Look takes self-expression to the next level, showing how our physical choices reflect who we are underneath and unify us all on our paths to self-discovery.    images-2I wanted to test out these products right away so I watched reviews on YouTube and found them pretty lacking. The next step was Amazon and was pretty disappointed at the price difference. I could get most of the products I wanted with my next day Prime membership but was not about to pay the crazy prices. The Blur stick that promised to blur my pores and make me feel like I was not wearing make up at all is $36 on the brand's website and a whopping $62.99 on Amazon. Amazon fills the order but gets the product from a third-party seller but damn....where they do that at?! I checked Urban Outfitters and Sephora but couldn't get a guarantee that they had the full product line. My local Sephora had just enough travel-sized products and the Blur stick for me to get started. Back home I spent the evening testing the line and I am in lovvvvvve!  The Blur stick is basically a tinted primer and made my skin look matte and minimized my pores with a few swipes across my t-zone. Some reviewers feel as if it tugs at your skin and looks clumpy but I took the time to apply the Cooling Water stick first so my skin was nicely hydrated. milk-x-uo-32The combined products made my skin look great all day. I tried the bronzer and it gave me just enough color to counteract the matte look of the Blur stick. The Lip Color is smooth and creamy with full coverage. It looks fresh without the glossy look that I am trying to avoid.  I stuck with the skin products because I want to sort out the base of my Spring look before jumping into the Milk pool with both feet.Milk Makeup has a full range of productsAs I said before I love it and can not WAIT to buy more. Check them out on Instagram @milkmakeup    
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