Fall changes.....

I am feeling the need to write again and I thought I would begin with the beauty of fall. As I look out of my door each day I see the leaves changing and feel the weather getting cooler. My mind automatically starts thinking about change. I want to change my wardrobe, my hair and my make up. Autumn oranges, lush plums, rich browns are all on my radar. In my next few blog posts I will chart the changes I am making to embrace the beauty of fall. This weekend I started with my hair color. I couldn't decide if I wanted to change my summer light golden blonde (courtesy of Dark and Lovely) to a chocolate brown or a lush sexy plum shade. I decided on a plum shade after a visit to my neighborhood Ulta. I walked in and spoke to one of the sales associates and she directed my to the hair color aisle and gave me some great advise. I am wearing my hair natural these days and for those who don't know that means I do not have a relaxer or perm in my hair. I am not a natural hair nut by any means I just prefer it right now. Its a way to cut costs while trying something new and funky with my hair. My hair routine is simple and the costs is low. Back to the hair color aisle...I wanted a brand that was ammonia free and easy on the hair. The sales associate suggested the Garnier Olia line. I checked out the colors and decided on a light intense red. I went home and got straight to work. My hair was light to begin with and this color really popped. Its different almost plum but I love it. I feel like a new woman. I will post a photo as soon as I can take a good one.


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