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More Spring Musings...Spring Beauty Prep...Part 2

I am ready to shed heavy winter make up. My last post was all about prepping the skin and finding your perfect lash look. The next step is to find new fresh products to add to my beauty routine.  I love indie brands so I look to them for Spring ideas that will compliment my natural style and take 5 minutes or less to apply in the morning. My go-to beauty products have to fit my lifestyle and let my skin breathe. If they fit into a cute clutch and are multi-functional I am a happy girl! I think I have found my new beauty savior in @Milk I received a sample Milk's Sunshine Skin Tint and was instantly hooked. The...

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Musings....Subscription Boxes

I love SUBSCRIPTION BOXES! You can get just about anything delivered to your door these days. Wine, Food, Hair and Beauty products, even Chocolate! The subscription box craze started in 2010 when two friends started Birchbox a subscription box service that revolutionized the way we shop and discover new products. It's all so easy and convenient. Go to the website and fill out a profile that gathers information on your skin tone, eye color and product preferences and a sample box shows up on your doorstep with 4-5 make up and skin products curated especially for you. The success of this subscription mail service spawned hundreds of other mail order services and changed the way we discover new products.  My obsession with...

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Winter Skin Makeover: Embrace facial oils!

    It's time to change your skin care routine. Fall is in full swing! The leaves are changing and the nights are getting cooler. Why not change your skin care routine! You've given your wardrobe a makeover do the same for your skin! It is important to hydrate your skin from the inside out with the most basic of beauty treatments...water! Don't skimp on your water intake! Water is good for your internal system all year round and hydrated skin glows.A great way to achieve that super soft, glowy look is adding a facial oil to your night routine. Learn what works for your skin and you can maximize moisture! Here is a breakdown of facial oils and the...

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