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The Box Phenomenon...Stitchfix Edition!

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I love the boxes! @Stitchfix, @Ipsy and @EssenceBox have been my go to fashion and beauty boxes for the last six months. It's the little things....not having to go to the mall and Christmas times three every month. The key to box success is in the profile. Your profile has to really reflect who you are and how you want to look. A good friend Natalie DiFrancesco...@whineandwhimsy gave me the lowdown....make a Pinterest page tailored to your style. Pin everything you like and attach the link to your profile and change it up every season. I make a new page for every Fix. Take a look at my June 2016 Birthday Stitchfix page...pinterest.com/…ll1/my-stitchfix-june-2016.IT'S FABULOUS!  trust making this page makes all the difference. Well today I received my June Fix right before my birthday and these are the items I received. Compare them to my page and you can see how well my personal stylist did! I also love the styling cards that come with every fix! If you are unsure how to wear an item these come in really handy and I refer back to them oftenstitch-fix-march-2015-cards1....it makes your outfit unique every time you wear it. If you are ready to jump on the Stitch Fix trend here is a referral link to help you get started.         A Stitchfix outfit is not complete unless you have the latest make up to complete your look! Avoiding a trip to the mall and getting great items every month is another great plus of the 2015-2016 Box Phenomenon....imgresyou can get make up and skin care sent in a box too! @Ipsy allowed me to try new make up and skin care every month all wrapped up in a shiny pink package and tucked into a unique clutch made to fit in to your purse, backpack or handbag. Jewel tone nail polish, luscious lipsticks and smoky eyeshadows in larger than sample sizes made me excited about trying the newest trends. Imagine getting new makeup to play with every month and for ten dollars it was a great bargain.       And last but not least my @EssenceBox   url   Handpicked make up, skin and hair care samples tailored to the African American woman's unique needs. I love wearing my hair natural and @EssenceBox allowed me to try new brands that made my 4C kinky curls pop! My March 2016 Essence Box had a great sample of Uncle Funky's Curl Magic and Argan Edge Control Gel. That is all I need to perfect my weekend wash-n-go hairstyle. I went right out and bought the largest bottle of Curl Magic at my local Target!   20160319_171655-720x626       blogger-image-1385238815      
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